The Platform

OpenBeds® is an end-to-end health service management platform that delivers efficiency through digital screening, inventory transparency, secured messaging and reporting.

Our Value

government agencies

OpenBeds® is helping government health agencies increase access to behavioral health care and decrease costs. It enables data-driven decisions by capturing in real-time utilization data and referral patterns.


treatment facilities

OpenBeds® is helping treatment facilities to increase revenue by filling more beds and treatment slots, expanding access to clients, and improving patient matching with services and resources.


referring providers

OpenBeds® is helping referring providers by replacing inefficient manual search and communication processes with digitized screening, service transparency, and secured digital messaging.


How it Works

  • Transparent capacity of inpatient and outpatient services, including recovery housing and community services, to provide an immediate and accurate inventory of available resources and wait times
  • Secure and HIPAA-compliant communication for referrals with email and text notification
  • Digital registration and authentication for health systems and organizations
  • Point-of-care digital screening, intake and decision support
  • Dashboard to track utilization and referral patterns at organization and regional levels in real-time
  • Exporting reports
  • Patient marketplace or ‘pull referral’ functionality to expedite client placement
  • Mobile platform, in addition to desktop computer one

  • Cloud-based and fulfills federal HIPAA security standards including authorization, encryption and audit logging
  • OpenBeds® is highly configurable, allowing both sides of the transaction to confirm the platform to existing networks and protocols

Government Agencies

  • Coordinate multiple independent services and pool capacity
  • Capture real-time utilization data and referral patterns to:
    • Identify service gaps
    • Effectively target funding
    • Identify and scale successful services
    • Produce program(s) evaluations
    • Cross-reference data with other databases
  • Standardize nomenclature and processes
    • Service nomenclature
    • Screening and intake
  • Decrease overall costs of care by improving access to behavioural healthcare
    • Mean excess cost per Medicaid patient with opioid use disorder: $15,000
    • Mean excess cost for privately insured with opioid use disorder: $21,000

Treatment Facilities

  • Improved patient care – streamlines patient referral logistics and enhances provider dialogue
  • Cost savings – subscription fees below call centers and reduces physician process interaction requirement
  • Increased revenue – enhances receiving institution brand, throughput, and case mix control
  • Marketplace – market concept disrupts an entrenched industry, shifting initiative and control to move patients efficiently to the institutions that a) can best care for them, and b) benefit the most from treating them

‘We have needed a comprehensive system like this for 20 years’

-Gloria, Social Worker at Eskenazi ED

‘OpenBeds® is clean and intuitive – so easy to use’

-Zoe, CEO of Sycamore Springs

‘OpenBeds® network has given us access to new customers and fostered new business relationships’

-Keith, Director of Business Development at Simply Divine

Referring Providers

Referring providers navigate an inefficient process. OpenBeds® decreases labour costs by providing transparency regarding capacity, decreasing the burden of search and discovery, allowing providers to quickly identify available destinations and send/receive digital transfer requests securely.

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