The national opioid epidemic

The President has declared that the opioid epidemic is a national medical emergency. Recent data from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality suggest a public health crisis with no indication of slowing.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, drug addiction is a ‘treatable chronic disease’, and treatment is as effective and sustainable as that for other chronic diseases such as diabetes. Despite this, and the morbidity and societal costs associated with substance use, proper treatment is inaccessible to many.

Key reasons as to why patients do not get treatment include: inadequate accessibility or availability of a variety of treatment modalities; beliefs that they don’t need treatment or are not ready to stop using; and lack of insurance coverage. In addition, substance use disorder treatment referrals are not a part of the medical care continuum because screening and referrals require a lot of manual work on the part of time-pressed providers.

our work to leave a lasting impact

The National Institutes of Health, through the National Institute on Drug Abuse, awarded OpenBeds® a Small Business Innovation Research grant to leverage their proprietary technology to transform the existing substance use disorder treatment system and contribute to an immediate and lasting impact on the fight against the opioid epidemic. With their support, we are bringing efficiency and transparency to a fragmented system while supporting treatment decisions for evidence-based therapies.

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